Tuesday, December 20, 2011

local China OEM

6-year System Deployment and IT/Project Management Experiences? 3-year Product Development and Order Processing Experiences
? Proficiency in MFG/SCM/NPI Business Process, 6-Sigma Concept? Solid Project Management and ERP Deployment Methodologyhttp://forums.listverse.com
? Ability to Lead Team to Drive Business Improvement and Handle Multiple Tasks
? Strong Communication, Training and Presentation Skills, Analytical CapabilitiesEntrepreneurial & strategichttp://www.boliviaopina.com mindset;Entrepreneur experience & result
oriented;Upright & honest; Business ethical (MBA Oath member);
Strathclyde MBA (Top 5 in UK & Top 50 worldwide with triple accreditations) ;
High principle & healthy lifestyle;wedding dress details andy Good IT skills.Very strong communication skills (interpersonal & people skills); Over 12 years of work experience focused
on B2B sales, business development and general management, including 6+ years of people management.
Skills and StrengthsEntrepreneurial & strategic mindset;Entrepreneur experience & profit oriented;Upright & honest;Studying & working inwedding cakes lily English language for over 12 years, world top MBA,Highly self principled & healthy lifestyle;Good interpersonal skills (with all levels).Open mind, honest ,results-oriented & essential points focusedWedding Dresses With Modern Twists
15 years plus operation managements experience in MNC with 7 years in senior management positionsEngineering Background &http://www.ifsa.net/forum Proven expertise in People management/Strategic planning/reengineering processkills and Strengths
Leadership/Change management/People pretty Wedding Bouquet management;/BPR/SAP -Nearly 8 years automotivehttp://phorum.lebedev.ru experience in Siemens & Continental;
-4 years experience as department manager;
-Profit & Loss responsible for Aisa OEM in China;
-Rich experience with Asia OEM;http://forum.nashuatelegraph.com
-Drive the strategy change for “local China OEM” since beginning of 2009;

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

*more than ten years experience in sales, business development and marketing.*MBA degree from United Kingdom, understood Western and Chinese Culture.
*Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. *Integrity,Enthusiasm,Professional, Wedding Favor Ideas Objective-oriental•More than 8 years experience in cable assembly engineering and OEM operationhttp://medialens.org/forum
•Excellent skills in launching new projects , technical management and the third party management•Strong organizational and problem-solving skills
•Good communication and interpersonal skillsEngineering background, oversea working experience, more than 10 years working experiences in Automotive Industry with 7 plus years in program management area. An organized, detailed and responsible person. Well controller of multiple programs. Good teamwork player with leading skill. Able to lead team maintain positive attitude and efficiency under pressure. Have strong willing to be success.1.College English Test Band 6(CET-6),strong ability Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas of listening, speaking, reading and writing
2.German preliminary3.From February to June 2006, had a part time job as an interpreter in TianQiao Crane Company4.November 2006,http://orate.decemberists.com had a part time job as Delicate Wedding Favors translator for a health food company during China(Changsha) International Foods Exposition
5.Hydraulic brake system design of dump lorryAn analytical minded, goal driven and detailed oriented MBA graduate, who spent 12+ years studying and working in US, fluent in both Chinese and English and comfortable dealing with either eastern or western cultures. With 4+ years of coporate FP&A experiences with several fortunhttp://dev.sentilla.com/forumse 500 companies in three countries.http://forum.spectrumnet.bg Looking for opportunities in consulting or financial related positions. CFA LVL III candidate
? Proficient technical abilities in Excel http://www.joomfish.net/forum (Pivots/Macro), Wedding Favor Ideas Access and PowerPoint, logical thinking and analytical minded
? Team project experiences with GlaxoSmithKline, Shell, IBM and Chevron

I went back to China

Outstanding leadership, open-mind, social skill, creativity, responsibility, team player.After graduated from UCL,I went back to China,http://is.nacta.edu.cn and at present,Some Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas I am an assitant of vice president in a investment company. 1: 8 years of experience in IT projects mostly in finance domains, with extensive experience in business analysis, solution design and consulting
2: Familiar with the back office procedureshttp://scrappersguide.com/forums asset valuations, transaction/corp actions processing, security master/market data processing and IT automation for asset management company, fund management company and insurance company.
3: Well balanced with financial business and IT technology skills. Worked for some of the largest financial institutionSkills and StrengthsInvestment managemet solution for asset management company,fund management company and insurance company.Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas
-business analysis and solution design-asset valuation-back office process procedure-portfolio structure and managment-unit pricinghttp://www.spamihilator.com/forum-transactions / corp action processing-security master / market data processing-data migrations-financial reporting and statementsFinancial data interchanges / financial systems / IT technologyHow to Choose Wedding Flowers
-familiar with Hiportfolio (investment management and accounting system) and OMGEO CTM (trade match) systems-financial data interchanges for transactions, corporate actions, security master, unit pricing interfaces with Exchangeshttp://www.developerweb.net/forum , Transfer Agency(TA), clearing ouses etc-IT technologies: C/C++, Wedding Venues VBA/Excel, Database/SQL, UNIX/Shell Scripting http://rfidsb.com

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Be good at learning

Goood interponal communication ability
-Excellent oral and written english capabilitycheap prom dress
,be able to communicate with native english speaker fluently
-Strong self-awareness and self-learning capabilities,always keep up-to-date concerning professional knowledgement.prom dress
-Strong Unix system foundation for different architecture,consolildated c/perl program skills. Have a very strong responsibility to workpolo shirts efficiently and actively.
Have an excellent cooperating consciousness and have strong ability in organization.
Take delight in communication with others.
Be good at learning, have a very strong adaptability, be willing to work under the compressive stress, and be authorize by all levels of leaders.14 years of work experience in IT & telecommunications and 11+ years in NORTEL;
Expert in both pre-sale and post sale core network product engineering;Long period in large network design, configuration, operating and servicing; Deep knowledge/background in wireless carrier core networklacoste polo shirts;Rich experience in wireless network infrastructure.
Good telecom knowledge in prom dressesGSM-R Standard; CDMA/GSM 2G, 3G, CCS7, IP, R4 architecture and PMSC 3G networks etc. sweetheart

which are from different industry

Over four years management experience of various kinds of event which include Olympic related event, running event and different types corporate event of international brands.Provide professional service to international brands, which are from different industry, such as Tsingtao, Nike, Amway, Samsung, DHLnike trainer, Fuchs, Knauf, etc..Be employed by international based company and well known brand for over four years.Wide knowledge of marketing and branding from being embedded this 4 years Big Four accounting firm's experiences, made me:
- Familiar with PRC and IFRS GAAPnike shox, have knowledge of HK and US GAAP;
- Familiar with PRC financial statements and IFRS Group Reporting;
- Able to lead team independently;
- Understand business operation and internal controls;
- Fluent oral English and good English writing skills;
- Proficient in OFFICE softwares;
- Familiar with SAP, SUN, Userfriend and Kingdee softwares.
Career Objective:cheap authentic nfl jerseysor in company, can prepare financial statements, financial analysis, financial forecast, internal control and internal audit;
(2) cheap nike shoesHave interest in finance-related fields, nike shoessuch as financial analysis, investment appraisal, etc.enthusiasm

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Immigration Reform: GOP Senators Avoid Bipartisan Bill

Wanted: a Republican Senator willing toTime is what you make of it
reach across the aisle and work with Democrats and the Obama Administration on a bipartisan bill on

immigration reform that's never having to say you're sorryalready half done. The Democrats have been scrambling to find such a brave soul since Republican Senator Lindsey

Graham left the talks afterThere is no crying Dems shelved an energy bill he'd been working on. Democratic negotiators Chuck Schumer of New York, Bob

Menendez of New Jersey and friends or enemiesSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid have even unveiled the bones of the bill they'd hammered out with Graham in

hopes of luring another Republican on board. "What [Republicans] said before the Democrats produced the framework was that they need to

see the paper," says Frank Sharry,There's no place like home director of America's Voice, an immigration advocacy group. "Now that they've seen the paper, they seem to

be finding other reasons not to sign on."Of the 23 Senate Republicans who voted for immigration reform in 2006, five have since lost their seats,

six have retired, one switched parties and four more are retiring this year. Meanwhile, Bob Bennett of Utah just saw his nomination as GOP

candidate upended by the state's Tea Party, and John McCain of Arizona is facing the toughest Senate race of his career. In fact, many in the

immigration world believe that Graham walked away from the negotiating table in part to protect his dear friend McCain, who can ill afford a

partisan brawl on immigration. The fact that McCain co-authored and voted for the comprehensive reform bill in 2006 is what got him into such

hot water with Arizona Republican primary voters in the first place. (See pictures of immigration detention in Arizona.)So immigration groups are

left wooing retiring Republicans Senators George Voinovich of Ohio and Judd Gregg of New Hampshire. They're also working on the two

moderate Senators from Maine and Alaska's Lisa Murkowski: all three voted for the 2006 bill. President Obama called Republican Senators Scott

Brown, Richard Lugar, George LeMieux (a Florida Republican who is finishing Mel Martinez's term until Sunshine State voters pick a permanent

replacement), Murkowski and Gregg from Air Force One last month - but so far no one has signed on. "Although Senator Gregg is interested in

fixing our broken immigration system and especially encouraging talented people to come here legally, he does not support any initiative http://forum.jswelt.de


She said doctors will evaluate factors such asno good thing ever dies
whether Biden had a blood clot, blood vessel injury or signs of his family's history of aneurysms.

However, "the reality is in aboutJust have a little faith 30 percent of cases we don't know why this stroke happened," she said.When Beau Biden announced in

January that he wouldn't run for put all this behind usSenate, he said he needed to focus as attorney general on the high-profile criminal case against a pediatrician

prosecutors say may have molesteda plan to make all of this right more than 100 children over the past decade. Biden's decision was a surprise, given that his father's

longtime confidant and former Senate chief of staff, Ted Kaufman, was appointed to the seat essentially to keep it warm for the son until this

year's election. But longtime She is the love of my lifeRepublican Rep. Mike Castle, a two-term governor and one of the most successful politicians in Delaware history,

entered the Senate race in October,vaguely familiar to you
dramatically increasing the likelihood of a fierce contest. Beau Biden's decision left the seat his father held

for 36 years vulnerable. he elder Biden was away from that seat for seven months in 1988 after undergoing surgery for brain aneurysms.
More than a decade earlier, in 1972, he lost his wife and infant daughter when a tractor-trailer broadsided their station wagon when they were

getting a Christmas tree. Beau and his brother, Hunter, were critically injured but recovered. The vice president devoted himself to caring for his

two sons as a single father and still will not work on Dec. 18, the date it happened. The elder Biden seldom speaks of that day and remains

sensitive about his children's welfare. Beau Biden recalled the accident when introducing his father at the 2008 Democratic National Convention

in Denver. "I was just short of 4 years old. One of my earliest memories was being in that hospital, Dad always at our side. We, not the Senate,

were all he cared about," Biden said. His father was sworn in to the U.S. Senate at the hospital, at his bedside, he said.
t the convention, the vice president said in return: "Beau, I love you. I am so proud of you. I'm so proud of the son you've become. I'm so

proud of the father you are." Beau Biden, who is married with two young children, has worked as an attorney in private practice. He also worked

for the Department of Justice between 1995 and 1997 and as an assistant U.S. attorney from 1997 to 2002. http://sinfonia.in